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On October 24.2016  I published  an article written by my manager Silvio Danailov.It was taken from danailov-for president.com
My intention was to write  this post a bit later,as now I am still in a summer holiday mood,but some events anticipated this.Before I start telling you some stories I believe everyone should  read what happened recently at the World Cup in Tbilisi(Georgia)

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I wanted to wait a little till I calm down, but I'm tired of seeing lies everywhere. So here's what happened:
The issue were not the shorts but how I was treated. I came to the game and was approached by the arbiter asking me to change (first time). I told him that I don't have pants with me, and then I noticed that I was playing black instead of white, which came as a surprise for me and asked him to check that. He and the other arbiters checked and confirmed to me that I'm playing with black, we talked a little and everything was fine. Then came Zurab, he was very agressive, yelling at me and using the racial slur "gypsy" to insult me, apart from mentioning several times that I will be punished by FIDE. I told him that I had asked before at the previous world cup if what I was wearing was OK and I was told by somebody from the organization that yes. Zurab, in a prepotent way, said he doesn't care, he's the organizer now. At this point I was really angry but tried not to do anything stupid, and asked him why he was so rude to me, and he said because I'm a" gypsy"

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FullSizeRender smOne of the best games of Veselin Topalov

Topalov shows a scoresheet of one of his best games.

He beat Anand in Sofia MTEL MASTERS 2005 tournament and the game was chosen best game for 2005 by Chess Informator.





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Veselin Topalov played simultaneously against Bulgarian and American talents in Albena

On 22.07 Veselin Topalov played a show game against the boxing champions the brothers Tervel Pulev and Kubrat Pulev on the top of the just oppened 5 star Paradise Blue Hotel in Albena. The two brothers were adviced by the young bulgarian chess talenst Gabriela Antova, Momchil Petkov and Deyan Samuil Kostov.

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On the same afternoon Veselin Topalov played a simultaneus against the selected young talents from Bulgaria and USA winning 10,5 points to 3,5 points.

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Veselin Topalov would like to thank the US Ambassy in Sofia for their financial support,as well as The Saint Louis Chess and Schoolastic Center and Albena Holding AD for their cooperation and hopes such events will become a wonderful tradition.

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Veselin Topalov launched a personal Instagram profile

chess peopleVeselin Topalov already has a personal account in Instagram. veselin_topalov has nice pictures and funny comments.

Everyone is invited to follow.








Veselin Topalov Foundation organizes a summer camp

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Veselin Topalov Foundation organizes a summer camp in Albena (Bulgaria) between 20.07 and 27.07. The event will be in cooperation with Saint Louis Chess and Scholastic Center and with the help of the US Embassy in Sofia and US State Department.

Six selected kids from USA and six from Bulgaria will receive coaching from GM.Krasimir Rusev.

On 22.07 Veselin Topalov will also meet and advise them and play simultaneous exhibition.








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Career highlights

Grand Chess Tour 2017 - Paris (June 21st - 25th)

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Topalov Chess Foundation       



Topalov Chess Foundation


TOP 10 - Live Chess Ratings

2700chess.com for more details and full list

Topalov - Anand 1:0
1st MTel Masters, Sofia (round 6)

Carlsen - Topalov 0:1
3rd Sinquefield Cup, Saint Louis (round 1)

Topalov - Kramnik 1:0
Corus 2008, Wijk aan Zee (round 9)