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Mutual destruction in FIDE

Veselin Topalov comments on crisis in Fide

Az probably most of the chess fans know in the past days there has been a lot of news about the resignation( or not resignation) of FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzinov.

Regardless of the fact if he did or he did not resign,FIDE is now suffering the consequences of the fatal mistake made during the last Presidential Elections in Tromso(Norway) 2014.Now we see the results,but years are  lost and some things can never be recovered.BCF(Bulgarian Chess Federation),despite heavy pressure always had very clear which was the right choice and  never had any doubts the team of Gary Kasparov,Rex Sinquefield and Jan Callewaert  was the better one to rule FIDE.

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Topalov - Anand 1:0
1st MTel Masters, Sofia (round 6)

Carlsen - Topalov 0:1
3rd Sinquefield Cup, Saint Louis (round 1)

Topalov - Kramnik 1:0
Corus 2008, Wijk aan Zee (round 9)