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A chess game of Topalov involved in a commercial spot

involved 1Chess is often used to give a bohemian or intellectual image to people, products or companies on TV. Such was the case with the shooting of one commercial of the famous Bulgarian beer Zagorka, done by the Bulgarian Production Company “Filmmaker”.

You could see in this commercial 2 people playing a game of chess in a very special crowded nightclub. For this purpose the director José Luis Ferragut asked the producer Elena Sanz Losada to choose the position of the pieces on the board. The only requirement she had from the director was the sequence: knight move-pawn move-king move.

Elena believed that being Zagorka a Bulgarian brand, the position on the board should come from a game played by a Bulgarian Grandmaster, if possible a representative game. She chose the game Morozevich-Topalov played in San Luis Argentina in 2005 World chess Championship, where Topalov became World Champion. The sequence is between moves 44 and 45. Although the position of the pieces was changed a bit to avoid any copyright situation, the scene in the commercial is inspired in Topalov’s game.

Here you can watch Zagorka "The Special League" video spots in both English and Bulgarian.

English version with the whole movie: https://vimeo.com/212131676

Bulgarian short version with the chess players: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpAl2HIw61M

You could be surprised that Elena Sanz Losada, Advertising producer but only an occasional chess amateur, could come quickly with such a specific chess sequence but the fact was the she comes from a family with a very rich chess tradition.

The first member of the family to play chess was Victoriano Sanz Barbero. In the following picture you can see him and his two oldest sons: Victoriano and Carlos Sanz Alonso, playing with the World Champion Boris Spassky in 1991.

involved 2

His son Victoriano Sanz Alonso was a serious amateur close to become Madrid champion in the 70s and around 2100 level in the 90s. He was a big chess lover until he passed away in April 2014. He claimed to have three students who became Spanish champions:

- His younger brother Javier, who became a professional chess player. He was Spanish Champion in 1973 and represented Spain in 5 Olympiads. In the last years he has become a trainer and keeps a close friendship with Topalov. In the following picture you can find Topalov celebrating his birthday together with Julio Granda, Silvio Danailov, Javier Sanz and his brother Victoriano in Salamanca on 15.03.2013

involved 3

- His son Victoriano Sanz Losada was Spanish U14 Champion and represented his country on the 1988 World Junior Chess Championship in Timisoara (Romania). He was around 2300 in 1991 but eventually became Engineer. Currently he resides in Warsaw. Arguably his biggest success was to draw with Spassky when he was 4 years old, game that can be seen in the picture.

involved 4

- His grandson Daniel Sanz Wawer became Polish U7 Champion in 2010 and Spanish U10 rapid champion in 2013. In 2015 he was tied third in the U12 European Championship in Porec (Croatia).

In the following picture you can see Victoriano Sanz Alonso and his grandson Daniel Sanz Wawer with Topalov and Judit Polgár during the 2013 European Team chess championship in Warsaw.

involved 5

As a producer, with this family background, it wasn’t difficult for Elena Sanz Losada to find the perfect chess movement: her brother Victoriano Sanz Losada found for the spot of a Bulgarian beer the sequence of moves in a game of tournament where a Bulgarian Grandmaster became Word Champion!



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