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Veselin Topalov will take part in the first tournament of the Grand Chess Tour 2017 that will be played in Paris 21-25 of June. The event is an rapid and blitz 10 players all play all tournament.

The other players are: Carlsen Nakamura, So ,Máxime, Vachier, Lagrave, Karjakin, Caruana, Grischuk, Mamedyarov and Bacrot.

The Grand Chess Tour 2017 consists of 5 events. Immediately after Paris the Belgian city of Leuven will host another rapid and blitz event between June 26 and July 3.

Later Saint Louis (Missouri) will host first a classical tournament from July 31 until August 12, followed by a rapid and blitz August 13 to August 20.

The last tournament is in London in December with the exact dates to be announced.